Difference between CV and RESUME

cv vs resume

What is a cv?

The Latin word Curriculum Vitae, which means “the course of your life,” is the source of the English abbreviation CV.
A CV is a lengthy document that details every stage of your professional development and contains a wealth of personal data. The CV can be viewed as a detailed account of everything you have ever done, all of your proudest professional accomplishments, and all of your name-bearing publications.
Every time you achieve something new academically or professionally, you should update your resume. i.e., anytime you start a new job, publish a new article, receive a new certification, etc.
There is no set length for a CV; instead, it depends on the candidate’s level of experience.cv

What is a Resume?

A resume is a brief, to-the-point document made with the intention of applying for a particular job.
Contrary to a CV, a resume should be as concise as feasible. You should aim to keep your resume to a maximum of one page in 99% of circumstances. You can make it no longer than two pages if you have more than 15 years of experience or if you genuinely believe that the additional details you can include will strengthen your application.
You should only include information on your talents and work experience in your resume that is pertinent to the position you are applying for. A strong CV emphasizes your contributions to specific projects in the past and demonstrates how your varied skills can be applied to the career you’re seeking.resume

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