How to prepare for OAS Examination PART-2

✅OAS Mains Exam Pattern

➢The OPSC OAS Main Exam is again divided into two parts:

➢Compulsory Subject and Optional Papers.

➢This exam is essay-based, unlike prelims, and comprises nine exam sets.

➢Apart from the five compulsory papers, it consists of four optional papers.

The compulsory papers for the mains exam of OPSC OAS are described below.

  • Odia Language
  • English
  • English Essay
  • General Studies I
  • General Studies II
  • General Studies III
  • General Studies IV

The exam pattern for the compulsory papers is described below.

Papers Marks Allotted Time
Odia Language 250(Qualifying Papers) 3 hours
English 250(Qualifying Papers ) 3 hours
English Essay 250 3 hours
General Studies I 250 3 hours
General Studies II 250 3 hours
General Studies III 250 3 hours
General Studies IV 250 3 hours
Total 1750 Marks

The exam pattern for the optional subjects is as follows.

Papers Marks Allotted Time
Paper I 250 3 hours
Paper II 250 3 hours
Total 500 Marks

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