MBA Finance Subjects-Latest

MBA Finance Subjects

MBA Finance Subjects

An MBA in Finance program typically covers a wide range of subjects that provide students with a comprehensive understanding of financial management, investments, and related areas. The specific subjects may vary slightly depending on the university or business school offering the program. Below are some common MBA Finance subjects

MBA Finance Subjects(1st Year):

First Year(Subjects)
Semester ISemester II
Micro EconomicsFinancial Modeling
Corporate Social ResponsibilitySupply Chain Management
Principles of AccountingBusiness Intelligence
Principles of Marketing ManagementStrategic Management
Tools and Frameworks for Decision MakingManagerial Economics
Quantitative Methods and StatisticsMarketing Research
Business Communication And Soft skillsCorporate Governance and Business Ethics
Organizational Behaviour-1Corporate Finance-2

MBA Finance Subjects(2nd Year):

Second Year(Subjects)
Semester IIISemester IV
Macro EconomicsInternship Projects
Business LawProject Submissions
Operations ManagementOrganization Behaviour-2
Corporate ManagementMarketing Management
Optimization and Project ResearchProject Management


The Elective Subjects may vary from College to College in different Universities but the overall the subjects are likely the same

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